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Spiritual Companionship
& Retreats

We desire for all people to be rooted in love and formed in wholeness.

We Want To Be A Part Of

Your Spiritual Journey

At The Center, all are welcome. Our greatest desire is to invite all people into a space where we can explore identity, faith, and who God is. No matter your stage of faith, spiritual history, or understanding of God, you are welcome here.


Experience Rest and Renewal

We want to provide you with an opportunity to take some time to think about your spiritual life in a safe and invitational way.

We Want You To Know...

Discernment and Presence

Through time and patient presence, we offer tools for discernment and ways to practice living more wholly. In a world of busyness and distraction, we value being here, now, with whoever is in front of us. In this being present we offer teaching and companionship through retreats, spiritual direction, and/or workshops.

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