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Discovering Wholeness

Rooted in love. Formed in wholeness.

Peaceful Lake

Our mission is to support individuals in their spiritual journeys toward wholeness,

by providing them with tools, resources, and companionship. We believe in the value of being present in a world that is full of busyness and distraction. Therefore, we offer retreats, spiritual direction, and workshops that foster an environment of growth, transformation, and spiritual renewal.

Our commitment to whole living is grounded in the belief that we are all called to live our lives with purpose and meaning, in a way that is true to our authentic selves. We strive to provide a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their spiritual path, ask difficult questions, and seek meaningful answers.

At The Center for Spiritual Formation and Retreat, we embrace the diversity of all spiritual traditions and honor each individual's unique path. We believe that by fostering a community of acceptance, compassion, and mutual respect, we can help individuals experience the transformative power of spiritual growth.

The Center Way


At The Center, companionship means walking alongside individuals on their spiritual journeys with presence, empathy, and respect. Our spiritual directors offer a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their questions and experiences, without judgement or agenda. Through mutual trust and open dialogue, we seek to empower individuals to discover their own unique paths towards wholeness.

Soul Care

We believe that soul care is an essential part of whole living. Whether through individual spiritual direction or group retreats, our soul care offerings provide a space for individuals to connect with their inner selves and experience spiritual renewal. Through our compassionate and supportive approach, we seek to help individuals cultivate a more vibrant and meaningful relationship with their souls.


Through group formation sessions, individual spiritual direction, and workshops, we seek to provide individuals with tools and resources to deepen their spiritual practices and explore their questions and experiences. Our spiritual formation services are grounded in the belief that we are all called to live purposeful and meaningful lives, and that spiritual growth is an ongoing and transformative process.

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